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About Beer

Beer is a fermented alcoholic beverage made from barley, hops, water, and yeast and sometimes other ingredients.

Know your beer

There are three major styles of beer

Beer Styles

The three major styles of beer are:

Ales – family of beers that ferment at warmer temperatures. Also called “top-fermenting” because of the action of the yeast.
Lagers – family of beers that ferment at cooler temperatures. Also called “bottom-fermenting” because of the action of the yeast.
Specialty – family of beers that are brewed with various non-standard ingredients.

In 2014, the Brewers Association of America recognized 76 styles of Ales, 30 styles of Lagers and 35 styles of Specialty beers.

Common Beer Terms

Beer is as complex and varied as wine, as such, it should be judged in many of the same ways.

    ABV – “Alcohol by Volume” in terms of percentage volume of alcohol per volume of beer.

    Aroma or “Nose”- The particular combination of smells from hops, malt,yeast and any unique ingredients.

    Body or “Mouth feel” – The thickness or weight and mouth-filling property of a beer. Generally described as “Full”, “Medium” or “Light”.

    IBU – International Bitterness Units. The amount of hop resins in the beer in parts per million. Essentially, the higher the number the more “hoppy” or bitter the beer will taste. This can be deceptive for individual drinkers perception of bitterness may vary based on other ingredients in the beer.

    Lovibond, SRM or EBC – These are all terms that describe the color of the liquid. The higher the number the darker the beer.

    Plato – This indicates the ratio of fermentable sugars, which are converted to alcohol by yeast, to water in the beer.

Sales, Marketing & Pricing Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to focus on Craft Beers, Premium Spirits & Premium Beverages. We build brands via on-premise/special event sampling and off-premise distribution in key accounts. Our promotional support focuses on product quality, heritage, and style characteristics. Our goal is to separate brands via image versus price.



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